Blink Of An Eye (remastered)

by danny DONNELLY

Coming About 05:43
Coming About Coming About It's time to catch some wind Well you know what its about It's time to sail away Reef the main Won't you tie on board Better dress worm I could hear you father crying out Son grab the helm we're gonna come about Gonna sail away to a place where no one could find I believe she's a straight away Lord to the Isthmus tonight. I could see those dolphins starboard Swimming by the boat Ya better get your camera ready Cause Sandy your missing it you know All these memories there ringing through my head Their a place of peace when life gets a little dense Where's my duffle i say just the other day I got plenty of worries to fill it Oh and just Oh sail away no worry day Come find your peace Cast all your cares Let the wind fill your sail And come about when you need Come about when you need Life's a short sail always be prepared In what you bring on board And all that crazy stuff you got in you head If you learn one thing you better pay her some respect The sea the wind in your life long trek Life seems to blow us through squalls Giving waves to climb Just keep her in the wind Wait her out and you'll be fine to chorus be nice publishing © ℗1998 dannyDONNELLY
Tennessee Sky Well the concert was over On the dirt road in Muffresboro Couldn't wait to hear her sweet voice Sing 'Good Night Louise, Goodnight' Well us friends jammed into the wee hours We talked about the blues And this land we call "ours" And we said, "someday soon we'll fly on" We said, "someday, someday soon We would fly, fly on" Jessi if you can hear me We need to make that trip The Mississippi Delta We'll start in Mephis Well I can almost hear the juke joint now Oh, that National guitar And the sound of your sweet voice Like that night under the stars It's plain to see I've got you on my mind though we had so little time That girl set my heart on fire When Jessi sang Oh the words she testified A love for the blues My guitar rang On a hot summer night What I wouldn't give for that night We played for the fire flies Lookin' in her eyes Under a Tennessee sky Rolling with the sounds Man that Aretha she can sing By the looks of that dark cloud I believe it's gonna rain 95 degrees southern style mother nature pour it on Cause we're headed for our fathers W.C. , Muddy Waters chorus So turn the page and write on Right or wrong Story tells the day I'm gone… movin on
Blink Of An Eye When your days are gettin' long And your heart is blind You don't know what's ahead For the rest of your life You try to shake it off But its all in His time In a blink of an eye Spend all of your time For your silver and gold Times passion' on by But your only getting older You can't shake it off Cause it's all in His time In a blink of an eye Go on and tell someone Somethings in all of us We got a longing to know Some unknown God Who holds real and the true Takes the load and the strife In a blink of an eye Too many band-aid gods But who can save and heal Wont be this steel string guitar But the Holy Spirit I feel That will fill me up Shake it off in time In a blink of an eye You want to know His will Well He's spoken it to you And all of the World Through His Word He reveals How to Shake it off Wait on His time In a blink of an eye be nice publishing © ℗1998 dannyDONNELLY
All IN Good Time How can I face tomorrow I can barely find today I bet those words just rang Through Michael's head There's no one to blame He was a best friend He fought the good fight Over & again & again Oh but when my light of life grew dim He'd always say brother Keep aware, There's a gift my friend Nobody knows the way you felt The troubled days the hours the nights On end You'd cast your cares aside to help the average Joe Asking "What am I doing, bangin on this guitar? " Where do I start? Which way do I go? You'd just say "soak and feel the rhythms, All around you inspiration" Harbor good friends like they're gold All in good time You'll find The gift that shines In your life You don't know where the time has gone But these days keep moving on Now i can see that the gifts are free Just waiting on me You and only you Hold the tools to better take care Of your heart head senses and soul Just live to be there in the present Enjoy your survival your experiences No intimidation just a little imagination Flows the music my friend chorus He'd say, " Just keep walking' on the road Your straight line brother Though you feel it move so fast Trust that you'll be standing tall my brother There's nothing here to fear my friend " be nice publishing © ℗1998 dannyDONNELLY
Sweet Moon 05:37
Sweet Moon be nice publishing ©℗ 1998 dannyDONNELLY I keep looking over my shoulder As if your gonna look my way Idealist some people say I guess I got a little hope for me A little hope in you Don't ask me why I like apple pie In the middle of the night With a scoop of you on the side When they all say I'm crazy You say I'm just fine Well I don't mind you You blind artist Just paint me the color you use That shade when I'm with you Some kind of blue Where are you going sweet I guess I just got lost in you Seems like every time I get this close This close just flies away Or leaves to soon Sweet moon Miles Davis must have known you In his past life He even named a record after you Words just couldn't say what he was feeling So he picked up his trumpet and blew I wonder if Stella knew That the starlight was shinning down on her face At just the right angle to inspire Those were the days of the porch Where the family would listen in And you two would perspire Well I don't mind you You blind artist Just paint me the color you use That shade when I'm with you Some kind of blue Where are you going sweet I guess I just got lost in you Seems like every time I get this close This close just flies away Or leaves to soon Sweet moon Sometimes its better Not to ask, but I do anyway Seems like I'm always tripping over my heart Just can't find my way Forget my way If it always leads to the gloom Someday, I'll see you face to face Sweet moon to chorus
For The Good Of You And I Gonna kick off my shoes take a little time to think about you girl how you've been on my trouble mind is this the reason that i live Or am i just wasting time These days I'm walking blind But in time I'll know the truth Of you and I I like traveling down my road not knowing where it leads will i see you at the crossroads where our eyes may choose to meet well you cut me so deep with understanding in your eyes so hard to believe you know what I'm about inside I'm holding' on And i know someday Well finally get it right but i feel the days are passing me by it's time to let it go tonight and say goodbye for the good of you and i "mother" she feels so good under my feet my toes are in her dirt well off the concrete It's just like me and you it's better way below down below the surface so much closer to the core where do you draw the line? how can you let go? and still hold on to the sacred the thing that matters most but i know you are the same girl you and i by holding on to you i shakle your soul and mine can i let it go? i must let you go! I'm holding' on And i know someday Well finally get it right but i feel the days are passing me by it's time to let it go tonight and say goodbye for the good of you and i can i say goodbye? oh we must say goodbye for the good of you and I be nice publishing © ℗1998 dannyDONNELLY
For You 05:28
For You No compass on board Floatin in a stormy sea Clouds overhead can't see Three feet in front of me Well here I am no where is where I stand I guess its good to me free Cause its good to have company When your lost of flying free It's good to know that your looking for me For you would run a million miles For you would tell the truth And I could never give up Looking for you You hold the real the truth I'll be driving in my car Rolling in some search to find Anyone, something, someone, anything To ease my troubled mind Well I guess we're all the same All got a longing… a need For a little real …just a little peace … chorus Traffic so slow God it don't help much Sucks the life out of me And everyone I meet on the go Well the wrinkles of my face Turn to rivers that flow But you can catch the tears Before they fall to the floor chorus be nice publishing © ℗1998 dannyDONNELLY
Waitin & Hopin be nice publishing © ℗1998 dannyDONNELLY This was a typical jam that took place in between takes recording this record. One tube vocal mic in Smidi's room captured this one!
Hold On To You This worlds a crazy kind of place So much easier to take When I see your sweet smiling face I wanna hold on to you and never let go When it all gets cloudy in my view And I wonder if true love is something I can do I see the miracles before me an you They say hold on to you and never let go Something stirs inside of me When I walk next to you Past the barricades God let me know somewhere deep inside How about the the truth in her eyes So when you here a song a sweet kind of tune With words that say things like I love you If your thinking of me just know I'm thinking of you Of holding on to you and never letting go My love can only see you the Lord and I It gets a little crazy but just one day at a time I'm a little scared as I sit her and cry May I hold on to you and never let go I'm strumming hanging on six strings and a prayer Need a little help keeping true love on the square There you stand and I can't help but stare I wanna hold on to you and never let go It's the simple sweetness that you are That drives me to lasso down the brightest of stars To show the world from afar That I'll hold on to you and never let go be nice publishing © ℗1998 dannyDONNELLY
Grace 07:19


Since moving back to LA from Northern California many people in my travels in and out of town would say, "Hey! where's 'Blink Of An Eye' ? I can't find it anywhere on line! It's been one of my favorites through the years" I was shocked people were still spinning it and listening.

Blink Of An Eye was written and recorded between the years 1997-1999.
I met these amazing talented guys Michael Smidi Smith & Brian Steckler at one on my regular gigs. They had come in from Nashville not to long before that and had these sweet recording rigs called Pro Tools (not many of those floating around at that time) .

It was at The Warehouse in the Marina they asked if I'd like to record. Brian and Smidi opened my eyes to new sounds and ways to record that inspired me to really create in realtime in the studio. There was not alot of stopping to fix gear that was breaking or not synching up. They encouraged and supported me in my production ideas and the songs i was writing.

Blink Of An Eye is actually my second album that followed up my first album Passion Tree which was just guitar, voice with a few accents.

Looking back now at this time and season of life, A lot was happening around the same time. I was still mourning the loss of my Uncle Mike who was a huge part of my life, I met my wife Rachel. The most radical turning point in my life In August of 1998 I surrendered my life to Christ at an at a church in Downey CA. Two of the songs on this record would take first place in a large songwriting competition. First place got me my amazing white guitar case i still travel with today and a opening spot at Folk Festival in Park City Utah. One tune "All In Good Time" wound up in a motion picture called 'Duets'. A few years later after playing "Sweet Moon & Tennesse Sky" at the end of an audition with Kenny Loggins, he offered me the gig and i went on tour for over a year.

Remastering this project, hearing these songs and looking back on that season, though it seems so long ago, the songs don't feel old to me. The songs still take me somewhere and have new meaning this side of of creating them. Music is interesting like that. It can take you right back to a moment in your past. Meet you right in the place your standing or shine a light on the road your walking on.

Revisiting this album or hearing it for the first time
Hope you enjoy it.


released August 1, 1999


all rights reserved



danny DONNELLY Los Angeles, California

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