by danny DONNELLY

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released January 15, 2015

Produced by: danny DONNELLY
Co-Produced By: Brian Steckler "Stick" & Michael "Smidi" Smith
Engineered by Talley Sherwood in North Hollywood,
Hear inc. in Studio City CA and dannyD's apartment in Glendale CA
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Steckler
Be Nice Records
2001 Donnelly All Rights Reserved

Micael "Smidi" Smith
Sean Holt
Herman Mathews
Curtis Bringle
Jon Button



all rights reserved


danny DONNELLY Glendale, California

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Track Name: Radio
Danny Donnelly

So many souls on this freeway
They all got a story
Who knows where they’re driving to
But we’re all just watching away
It seems like the sunset in our mirror
Is just too far away

So hey everybody!
Turn up your radio
And listen to your soul
Cry the question why
Why song makes you hungry for
Something we’ve never seen before

So gather around squeeze in tight
Cause you’re bound to hear a little truth tonight
Because the love around here is bound to make you fall
Head over heels for heaven above
Heaven above

Look at that sun sinking in the sand
Sure does something to a woman and man
It gives the cars jammed on this 101
A little sneak preview of what’s to come


Just because you can’t see
Doesn’t mean it’s not there
Longing inside
For a heaven somewhere

Listen up Michael, listen up good
It’s hard for me to say
But I’ll say it the way I should
So you just can’t hear love in the
Longing of my song
That I keep on turning up and singing along

Track Name: In Need
In Need
Danny Donnelly

There’s a thief at your door
He took your money before
Now he’s smokin’ your soul
And you’re sick of the pain

Now you’re standin’ in the hall
What could numb you to it all
All the tremblin’ in your wires
Got you sick of the pain

It was fun for a season
We thought we had the world licked
Good friends and wine
It’ll be a grand time
All the life sucked out of you
And there’s a cold wind blowing
Through your bones

There’s a place you’re longing for
You’ll never find it here
You could look for a million years
And you’ll never ever find it
‘Til you fall down on your knees
Asking Savior, “will you please show me
‘Cause I’m in need of You”

You wanna make up the rules
Swim in your own pool
Say there’s no absolute
Complain you’re sick of the pain

Hungry for tru e love
Compromise for lust
Innocence fades in your eyes
You’re more than sick of the pain
Track Name: Open
Danny Donnelly

I got this car, the kind that seats only two
My back pocket holds tickets for the Ferris wheel
This telephone needs someone
At the other end
Someone I can talk to

A melody is meant to be received
From me to you
It doesn’t work from me to me
You stand at the door of my heart
And patiently, it’s there you wait for me to

I’d like to say come on in
But I’m holding past fear gripping pride
Say a prayer for me tonight that faith will win
Won’t you come on in

I pick a daisy on a sunny day
Long to will it to her
Today I see the strength to cast the past away
Supernatural breakthrough

In the end don’t want to be left behind
Oh it’s grace that just blows my mind
I’d climb the highest mountain, swim the arctic sea
But it’s here you wait for me to

I’d like to say come on in
But I’m holding past fear gripping pride
Say a prayer for me tonight that faith will win
Won’t you come on in

I got this brand new car
The kind that seats only two
My back pocket holds tickets for the Ferris wheel
You patiently wait for me
To open, open
Track Name: Restless City
Restless City
Danny Donnelly

Days are numbered sifting sand
Scattered promises a fickle man
Oh he’s in need
Of better weather

Soaking wet
Street light out
But he’s still walking on that solid ground
He say’s “God and me
We’re together”

It’s a restless city
And he’s feeling fine
Someone’s telling him it’s gonna be alright
He’s gonna stand test of time
Cause Someone’s holding him together

Feeling gravity, he’s got the ‘woe is me’
But he’s banking on that bended knee
To get Him through he’s gonna say a prayer
Cause when he’s thirsty there’s a well there


Cry of love in the dead of night
What he’s looking for, he cannot hide
He’s looking for a love that will never forsake
One that gives and never takes

Track Name: rock, folk, singer-songwriter, christian, soulful, folk rock, - SKY
Danny Donnelly

Sky, water color sky
Who stroked your canvas
So beautiful
High, if I could reach that high
I’d pull the canvas off to the side

So I could see love
Face to face
And walk into the light
If I could look love
Dead in the eyes
I’d just fall down on my knees
In wonder of You

Grand waters of the sea
Who paints your waves
The color blue
Fire of desires hopes and dreams
All will be the perfect scene

When I see love
Face to face
And walk into the light
If I could look love
Dead in the eyes
I’d just fall down on my knees
In wonder of You

In my dream I was riding my bike
If I pedaled fast enough
It would take flight
Didn’t even wonder why
Just took it on faith
Just took it on faith

As I went to see love
Face to face
Just walked into the, walked into the light
Looking love dead in the eyes
I just fell down on my knees
In wonder of Your perfect design
If I only did what You had desired
Love face to face
I just fall down on my knees, In wonder of You
Track Name: All I Know
All I Know
Danny Donnelly

Guess I don’t have to fly the perfect altitude for you
And do all those things I think you’d like me to do
But it seems so helpless not to look before I leap
Spinning old times in my mind
Blinds a bright future for you & me

I’m laughing from my toes
Saying nothing assuming
I throw it all up
Love could sort it all out on it’s own
And leave me alone

Well I’m hoping for the day
It’s all so clear
I know you got it more together
Than I do up there
And You care for me

All I know, is unfolding wherever I go
But the time when I look in your eyes
Breaks the sound of sirens
Time stands still, looking to you,
But if that’s what it takes, I will

I’m blowing my mind
Trying to figure you around and
What I knew and this love thing
I guess I never knew, how to do
Give it up
Pour it all into that loving cup
All the questions, answers, blunders, sadness
Take it from me, so I could see

Track Name: Ain't Got You
Ain’t Got You
Danny Donnelly

Tea for the Tillerman
Honeymaid 10:00am
There’s a groove in the kitchen
Hangin’ with a friend
Sun is shinin’, I may be smilin’
But I ain’t got you

Ain’t nothin’ like drivin
Flyin’ like “the Bird” in a storm
Flyin’ flowin’ diggin’ low
I keep rolling down Santa Monica strand
Ain’t nothin’ finer
But I ain’t got you
Sun is shinin’, I may be smilin’
But I ain’t got you

Sweet sittin’ here
Good coffee on the summer sand
Oh, what a warm lazy day
Cool breeze on my head
Sun is shinin’, arms open wide
But I ain’t got you

Hind sight is always 20/20
At least that’s what the people say
What good is that gonna do me
If I got to live today

Sleepy afternoon
Too bad you gotta end too soon
Ice Cream I’m a lickin’
Peace content I’m a kissin’
That sun goodbye
Sky luminating orange, red, purple, blue
Still I ain’t got you
The waves, love they send
Perfect day comes to an end
But I ain’t got you
Ain’t got you
Track Name: Walk On With Me
Walk On With Me
Danny Donnelly

Take a good look at you
You got tears running down your face
Clothes are dripping with rain
Sure hate to see you this way
Can I light the way?
Cause you got nothing to fear
I know it’s been a long while
You felt some good
Some close some near
So why don’t you

Walk on with me
Walk on with me
It’s no mystery
Just take my hand
Just take a walk with me

Face it, no need to run
No matter what the days are to come
Just know it’s darkest before the dawn
Cause when you’re fallin’ off
There’s only gettin’ back on


Come out of the rain and cold
You been tired
You’re carrying the heavy load
Why don’t you leave it all behind
For brighter days
Peace of mind

I wanna hear my favorite song
Your laughter in the name of love
No matter how heavy your heart, your pain
Don’t give up on love
For standing in the rain


Come out of the rain, the rain and cold
You been down so long, just come knockin’ at my door
Why don’t you leave it all behind
For your brighter days and peace of mind
Come out of the rain, the rain and cold
You been down so long, just come knockin’ at my door
Just take a walk with me
Track Name: Don't You Go No Where
Don’t You Go Nowhere
Danny Donnelly

I just stormed out that door, in a rage
Should I just give up, walk away?
I could still hear the shoutin’
The battle engaged
Now I’m thinking about our history
Memories blow through me, saying

Don’t you go nowhere
Don’t let your heart set hard
No matter how bad you think you don’t care
Remember times you shared
And don’t you go nowhere

It’s been a long time since
It’s been said a little “I love you”
With a kiss on the forehead
They say the master key is a selfless love
But that could only come from
A heaven above… could it say?


Love colors outside of the lines
Says it won’t go by feel every time

So I won’t go nowhere
Though it may be hard
No matter how bad I think I don’t care
I’ll remember times we shared
And won’t go nowhere
Track Name: The Comforter
Track Name: Entwine
Danny Donnelly

Loving you
Has made me a better man
I find it hard to see the world without you
Though years gone by
It’s about that time I made you mine
I just wanna be where you are

It’s time to stop
And put our lives entwine
Because time is passing away
Though hard times come along
God’s gonna bless this happy home
And we can help each other on the way

Broken and tired
Sometimes it pulls the spark
Out of the fire
Can we keep a steady pace ahead
Spirit pulling the weight
If we could just obey
The still little voice inside


Lovin’ you
Has made me a better man
And I cannot depend on me anymore
Give it all up
All up for that loving
I just want to love you now
All of my days